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October 15 - November 9

by Allison Moore
Directed by: Lauren Caldwell

"An insider’s view of the horror-movie genre...It’s a job well done!" —San Francisco Examiner

"An offbeat comedy laugh fest of clever puns and pokes and winks at a genre of films we love to hate."Mike Sanford, Art & About

A Florida Premiere! This uproarious comedy will have you screaming with laughter and surprise! Alfred Hitchcock started the slasher genre with the classic film Psycho in 1960, and since then hundreds of horror films have sent thrills down our spines each Halloween, including Friday the 13th, A Nightmare of Elm Street, and Scream. The Hipp is well known for staging the area’s best Halloween-themed productions, and this Halloween comedy takes you behind-the-scenes of a Hollywood slasher movie.

Content Advisory: The title of this play is Slasher. Enough said. It's got words your mom doesn't approve of; campy violence (we're professionals, don't try this at home); power-tools, mannequins, evangelists, girls on roller-skates, and pill-popping neurotics on scooters. Don't say you weren't warned.

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  • Fri (10/31) 8:00
  • Sat (11/01) 5:00 8:30
  • Sun (11/02) 2:00 7:00
  • Tue (11/04) 7:00
  • Wed (11/05) 7:00
  • Thu (11/06) 8:00
  • Fri (11/07) 8:00
  • Sat (11/08) 5:00 8:30
  • Sun (11/09) 2:00 7:00